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Portable Fine Dust Measuring Device

Whiparang Fine Dust Measuring Device for real-time check anytime, anywhere

The PoC Portable Fine Dust Measuring Device can conveniently measure PM2.5 ultrafine dust /
PM10 fine dust / temperature / humidity at the same time with the laser sensor anytime, anywhere in real-time.


The Portable Fine Dust Measuring Device accurately measures with its precise laser sensor in real-time

Laser Sensor

Intuitive Display

Real-time Measurement 

Rechargeable Battery

Easy to



Developed / Produced 100% in Korea

The product is developed, produced, and managed 100% in Korea with rigorous quality management and reliable A/S.

Developed 100%
in Korea

Rigorous Production
& Quality Management

Reliable A/S Customer
Satisfaction Service

Product Development Suitable for Our Environment


Description & Operation of Each Designation

Power & Mode Selection Button

Power Button

  • The power turns ON if you press the button for the first time. The power turns OFF if you press for 2 seconds.
  • After the power is ON, the Auto OFF time is 10 min. (It displays for 10 min and turns off).)
  • If an external charging terminal is connected, the device will display dust concentration continuously without Auto OFF.

Mode Selection Button

  • If you briefly press the power button, the order “PM2.5 → PM10 → PM2.5/PM10 → PM2.5/PM10/Temperature/Humidity” will repeat.

Concentration & Status Display LED

  • You can intuitively know fine dust/ultrafine dust/temperature/humidity on the Concentration & Status Display LED.

LED Color by Fine Dust Concentration


Product Standard

Brand nameWhiparang
Model namePoC2021
Power outletRechargeable lithium polymer battery (DTP 701635)
Charging specificationUSB micro 5Pin
SizeBody 51×90×31 (including cradle 73.5×41×30)
WeightBody 78 g (106 g including cradle)
Certification numberR-R-P0C-POC2021
Fine dust measuring range0 ~ 999ug/㎥  (PM2.5, PM10)
charging timeAbout 90 minutes
Continuous usage timeAbout 2 hours
Temperature/Humidity measuring range-25℃ ~ 60℃ / 0 ~ 90%
Fine dust measuring methodLaser Light Scatter
Usage temperature-10 ~ 60℃ 
Battery capacity3.7V, 350mAh
Input voltage5V