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Humidity Control Fine Dust Measuring Device

Performance certification 1st grade!

Accurate measurements in real time can be obtained at a glance.

The Humidity Correction Fine Dust measuring device can accurately measure PM2.5 ultrafine dust/PM10 fine dust/temperature/humidity simultaneously in real time through laser sensor anytime, anywhere easily.


Improved Accuracy of Light Scattering Fine Dust Sensor

Existing products

Moisture in the atmosphere distorts the sensor’s measured value, reducing data reliability

This product

improved data accuracy and reliability by adopting an algorithm that can correct for the effects of moisture


Product Differentiation

  • Improved sensor accuracy by using average value by introducing triple sensor
  • Introduction of sensor signal correction algorithm technology to reduce errors caused by humidity
  • Adoption of reference sensor for sensor malfunction prevention and sensor life check
  • Improved sensor performance by designing a signal processing circuit board
  • Simultaneous measurement of PM10, PM2.5, temperature and humidity with one device
  • Development of integrated GUI for PC-based control


Product Details


Developed / Produced 100% in Korea

The product is developed, produced, and managed 100% in Korea with rigorous quality management and reliable A/S.

100% Produced in Korea

Thorough production
and quality control

Reliable A/S customer
satisfaction Service 


Description and Operation of Each Nomenclature


  • Power on automatically when you plug in the cord.
  • Even if the power is turned off while the cord is connected, the humidity control device works.
  • Connect the line connected to the product to the computer USB.
  • Execute the <User Installer> provided by Whiparang
  • Click the ‘CONNECT’ button at the top left to check the real-time data.
  • You can download it as a file by clicking the ‘EXCEL’ button in the upper right corner.


Product Standard

Brand nameWhiparang
Model namePoC2020
CPUMicrochip 18F65K40
DUST SensorNova Fitness Nova PM sensor SDS011 / 8EA
Range of Measurement0 ~999㎍/m3 (PM2.5 / PM10)
Size540 mm X 250 mm X 180 mm

Screen Size : 3.5" inch Digital TFT LCD (LED) Display Format :480×320 pixel

T/H SensorETH-01D
Dehumidification ModuleDTA-56-12-DHC
Current Consumption4A Max (When the dehumidifier is operating)
Temperature and Humidity Range of Measurement-25 ℃ ~60 ℃ / 0~90 %
Fine Dust Measurement MethodLaser light scattering
Temperature of Usage-10 ~ 60℃ 
Power12V(DC), 12.5A